Fall 2019

Star Power: Models By Zodiac Sign

Like the melting pot of style that is New York, our disco-infused Fall 2019 runway was a convergence of diverse elements brought together to create an inimitable, multifaceted energy. Models of every zodiac sign added something unique to the equation, from the cool poise of Taurus Gigi Hadid to the Leo-like liveliness of Fran Summers. Here, we break down the magical alchemy that occurs when Michael Kors brings models of every age, background and sign together for a single, riveting moment.


Like the element itself, Fire signs are passionate, dynamic and strong.


Stable, authentic and grounded, Earth signs possess a calming and balanced aura.


Like an invigorating gust of wind, Air signs are full of motion, confidence and action.


Refreshing and mysterious like the sea, Water signs are intuitive, emotional and creative.